How it works

Your personal dehumidifier tucks away easily and comfortably under bedding, in a sleeping bag, or in any other enclosed space you want to keep dry. The personal dehumidifier can be used in a warm or cool state keeping you both warm and dry, or cool and dry. The soothing warming temperatures and dry sleep can also be soothing on sore/arthritic joints while also creating a cozy warm bed feeling.

With the DrySleeping™ Comfort System™, you’ll feel more comfortable, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll awaken dry and refreshed!


•  The first component of this innovative system is the Personal Dehumidification Unit—which is made of a moisture-absorbing clay material housed within an air permeable casing. The clay material is also non-toxic and all-natural, and the casing is antifungal and antimicrobial.

• The second component is the Recharging Unit, which is needed after your dehumidifier absorbs 8 ounces of water. (You’ll typically want to recharge after every use.) The recharger is an insulated container with an electric heat source, and the Personal Dehumidification Unit can be placed directly within it to unlock the water vapor captured from the air.

The DrySleeping Comfort System also comes with a washable fabric sleeve for your Personal Dehumidification Unit and the Recharging Unit provides convenient storage, with a handle for easy transport.


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