Welcome to a more comfortable night’s sleep

If you’re plagued with night sweats, you’ll love the DrySleeping™ Comfort System.™

Now the air surrounding you will stay dry—and your perspiration will naturally evaporate. How it works

Tired of waking up soaked with sweat? You’re not alone. In a recent study, 41% of participants revealed they experience excessive night sweating—typically caused by hormonal changes like menopause, perimenopause, and pregnancy, as well as underlying medical conditions, infections, low blood sugar and certain medications.

Now there’s an effective and simple-to-use solution: the DrySleeping™ Comfort System™ from Brilliant Technologies, Inc™.

This fully patented personal dehumidification system is the only product on the market that keeps you dry through a moisture-absorbing effect that keeps the air in your bed dry. This allows your perspiration to naturally evaporate instead of beading up on you.


 Your personal dehumidifier tucks away easily and comfortably under bedding, in a sleeping bag, or in any other enclosed space you want to keep dry. The personal dehumidifier can be used in a warm or cool state keeping you both warm and dry, or cool and dry. The soothing warming temperatures and dry sleep can also be soothing on sore/arthritic joints while also creating a cozy warm bed feeling.

With the DrySleeping™ Comfort System™, you’ll feel more comfortable, you’ll sleep better, and you’ll awaken dry and refreshed!


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