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How a Curious Kid From Wisconsin Grew Up To Be a NASA Engineer and Discover a Solution to Night Sweats!

Hi! My name is Dennis McRae, the inventor of DrySleeping, and you could say I’ve always had a curious mind. Maybe too curious if you were to ask my parents… I’ll never forget the look on my dad’s face when he came home from work one day to find his riding lawn mowers laying on the garage floor in a thousand (well-organized) parts.

I was 10 at the time. Pops just shrugged his shoulders and said; "Well, be sure you put it back together" as he went inside to eat dinner and watch Walter Cronkite.

By the time I graduated high school, my parents had become used to me taking things apart to see how they worked, then putting them back together again.

Oh… and dad’s lawnmower never ran better than after I rebuilt the engine.

This curiosity to build, break and fix things following me throughout my adolescence and drove me to achieve Degrees in Engineered and Technology Management at the University of Wisconsin, and eventually go on to work on projects for companies like General Electric, Honeywell, General Motors... The Department of Defense and of course, NASA.

While working for NASA I was in charge of developing “dry space environments” for extremely sensitive instrumentation used on high altitude space missions, meteorological sensors, sophisticated satellite photographic lenses, The International Space Station and The Hubble Telescope, among others.

When I was in my early 30's I began having serious night sweats... (doctors couldn't give me a reason but I imagine it was from stress and 80 hour work weeks).

For years I suffered miserably, just like you. Most nights I would wake up 4 or 5 times dripping with cold sweats, then grab more covers which only made things worse.

We tried moisture-wicking sheets and sleepwear, but nothing solved the problem. My poor wife got so fed up having to wash our sheets so often that she eventually just bought enough to have new set for each day of the week. And, at a couple hundred bucks a set, that adds up!

Most nights we would only get a few hours of sleep. It was a horrible way to live for not just me but for my wife as well.

Then one day my wife said to me; "Dennis, you work for NASA!..

"Why can't you make something to help you stop sweating so much at night so we can have a decent night's sleep together?"

The pain in her eyes and the sorrow in her voice was like a knife in my heart, and gave me all the motivation I needed to promise her "I won't stop until I find an answer!"

I was determined not to just put a band aide on the problem like everyone else. I knew from experience moisture-wicking bed sheets and pajamas didn't do anything to create a "dry" sleeping environment, they only moved my sweat from "inside" my clothes to the "outside", but they didn't "remove" the moisture from my sleeping area at all.

In order to really solve the problem, I had to get to the root casue, which is the accumulation of excess humidity inside my bedding and sleepwear.

After perfecting the all-natural desiccant material in the Personal Dehumidifier Unit itself, the main challenge became finding a method of “recharging” (drying) the material by using a precise and steady temperature that wouldn't damage it. I searched long and hard, testing several methods that did not give me the result I wanted.

That’s when I discovered a company called Haven Medical whose parent company produced a patented heating system for the food and medical industries.

Together with their engineering team we developed a recharging unit that produces an idea, steady temperate which both dries and restores the dehumidifier unit to its original, absorbent state, as well as sanitizes it by killing bacteria.

That is how DrySleeping was born, and now I want to help other people who suffer in silence the way I did, to live a better life by getting the right amount of sleep.

My mission is to improve the quality of life for those who suffer by changing the way people think about night sweats. Instead of covering the problem with medication or expensive sheets or clothing, now we can use a product that addresses the root cause of excessive sweating in bed, and enables us all to enjoy a restful, peaceful night's sleep.

If you or a loved one is looking for a solution to night sweats, I hope you'll give the DrySleeping Comfort System a try. I know it can change your life the way it did mine and thousands of others who are using it to sleep dry and comfortably every night!

To Your DRY, Good Night's Sleep,

Dennis McRea
Inventor, DrySleeping Comfort Syste

Made by Haven Medical, a Family Owned Business in "The Happiest Seaside Town In America!"

Haven Medical, LLC is an FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer dedicated to producing the most reliable, highly engineered, well built and longest lasting physical therapy and chiropractic tables in the world.

Our flagship products are the unequaled Haven Medical Force Table, and the Haven Medical Cox8.

We are a division of Haven Innovation, Inc., a boutique OEM manufacturer supplying products to the automotive, medial and food industries, and currently the largest supplier of power seat adjusters to the RV market in North America.

Our team of engineers and designers have well over 100 years of combined experience in the automotive, safety and seating manufacturing industries and hold over 30 U.S. Patents in manufacturing processes, specialty tools, assembly equipment, load management, safety systems, public seating innovations, as well a revolutionary food heating and holding system that may one day soon replace the microwave oven.

Everything we produce within our Medical Division is a unique, one of a kind product, part, system or assembly. Nothing is mass-produced.

We machine and/or assemble every critical component that go into our products in-house. Each component passes through several phases of tooling and undergoes multiple inspections before it is approved for assembly, where there are numerous more inspections testing.

Nothing leaves our facility unless it’s perfect, because we know you expect and deserve nothing less.

When we say Haven products are “Over-Built to Last 3 Lifetimes” we mean it.

If you ever visit our office — and visitors are always welcome! — you’ll see pretty fast that we don’t take ourselves too seriously here. We like to have fun at work, and we take our love and appreciation for our work home to our families every night.

Family is the most important thing to us, and we treat every one of our customers like a member of our family. If that makes you uncomfortable, don’t worry; we don’t hug… unless you need one.

Our home is in Grand Haven, Michigan, aka “Coast Guard City USA,” home of the world famous Musical Fountains and home of the Annual US Coast Guard Festival which draws nearly one million tourists, boaters and sun lovers from all over the world each August for some fun and frolic in one the most beautiful beach cities in America.

In fact, Grand Haven was voted “Happiest Seaside Town In America” for 2017!

If you find yourself in the area, stop by or give us a call to arrange for a tour of our facilities!
Visitors are always welcome!

From Our Family to Yours,

Your Friends at Haven Medical

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