If you suffer from night sweats, there's something those other companies aren't tell you...

"It's NOT The Heat, It's The HUMIDITY!"

Invented by a NASA Scientist Who Also Suffered From Night Sweats!

Use it cold, room temperature or warm! DrySleeping Comfort System is the only product that solves the root cause of excessive night sweats: Humidity!

You don't need expensive sheets, cooling pads or fans that blow air under your covers all night. DrySleeping is the only product to remove excess humidity from your sleeping environment so you don't sweat... AND... unlike those bulky sheets, pads and blowers, DrySleeping fits into any suitcase or duffle bag so you can take it with you to sleep dry everywhere you go!

How it works:

Place under your
cover while sleeping.
Recharge for 8 hours
after each use.

It's that easy!

Never wake up drenched in sweat again!

Why you need drysleep

Solves the Root Cause
of Night Sweats

DrySleeping absorbs sweat
before it accumulates into a puddle.

Travels with You Anywhere!

Take it camping, on business trips, or vacation.
Fits into any carry-on or suitcase!

Save Money!

Less expensive than running
air conditioning all night AND
extends the life of your mattress!

No Moving Parts to Fail

Nothing to break or replace which means
it is reliable and silent!

Buy With Complete Confidence

People Love DrySleeping!

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